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Burnout Legends (PSP)

By: Rex Inego | Oct 20, 2007 01:38 PM

Burnout is highly regarded as the most fun driving game ever. It's morish, and Crash mode never fails
to entertain...but could it hold up on the PSP?

Pros: Just like many Sony PSP games, the graphics amaze at first sight. As you play more and more, you spot the annoying little glitches, but what you see is still some excellent eye-candy.Imagine Burnout 1, 2 and 3 put together, being played on the PS1 and you get Burnout Legends. The game is just like Burnout 3 with the Persuit mode returned. It is hard to describe how close it is to the PS2 version. This would always have been a hard task to make it as playable and fun, but has been pulled off surprisingly well.

cons: The driving sounds sound realistic. Just like any Burnout game, all you hear is ''Brruuuum Meeeeaaaaoooowwmm'' and a dodgy American Pop-Rock soundtrack. I can stand some Hip-Hop and I love Metal etc...but this makes your ears bleed. Only bother with the soundtrack if you think Bowling for Soup etc are cool.

conclusion: There are many, many cars to unlock, and if you don't win the race to get the car; you'll never get bored trying to complete it. The World Tour mode is there, as well as individual races and multiplayer. Graphics: 8 Sound: 7 Gameplay: 9 Lifespan: 9 Overall: 8

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