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Butterfly Primorac 7000 table tennis Set

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 13, 2011 08:45 AM

Butterfly Primorac 7000 Table Tennis Set is designed and crafted to offer extreme comfort to its players. Designed to ensure perfect grip, it features a convenient handle with rubberized grip. Its nifty construction with compact size and measurement contributes to the popularity of this table tennis bat. You can strike the ball better and with control, as the bat is made from 1.5mm sponge. 

Pros: To ensure safety of the players and team-mates a Butterfly protective edging tape is offered to the bat. This well designed table tennis bat allows the player to take the lead in the game. You can score better and play against the contenders effectively. The style of bat is improved with the Zoran Primorac front label. Weighing just 188 gms, you can swing and use the bat effortlessly. This tennis table bat is ideal for professional players. It is versatile, durable and very functional. It delivers improved control over the ball and offers better rotation.

cons: None

conclusion: You will find the Butterfly Primorac 7000 Table Tennis up to the mark. Ideal for tournaments and practice sessions everyone can benefit from this unit largely. The table tennis bat will not wear out easily and you can use it for hours of intense gaming. It allows the player to make quick and fast response by hitting the ball cautiously and with improved control.

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