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Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3)

By: Rex Inego | Jun 02, 2009 08:46 AM

Ideal for those aged 12 and over, Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3)- developed by Relentless Software, is a whole TV network quiz show that gives instant access to almost all subjects you can think of, and supports vast downloadable and user-generated content.

Available on PS3 and belonging to family genre, this quiz game combines to deliver over 5,000 questions divided into five different genre channels namely Music, Movies/TV, Sports, Brainiac and Lifestyle. The new Channel Hopper mode lets the players to change among the types of questions enabling them to play a variety of quizzes that allows all your friends get into the action.

Pros: A fun video game with longer lifespan, the provided HD graphics and surround sound enhances the visual and auditory experience. One can play online with others as well which enhances the scope and usability of the game.

cons: Game playing is restricted when there happens to be more than 4 players.

conclusion: Ideal for maximum of 4 players, this video game delivering enhanced graphics and sound transforms your home into a TV game show studio and turns the whole world to a quiz show as one goes online to pit their quiz skills against the best on offer.

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