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Bylake Cattery & Kennels

By: Rex Inego | Aug 30, 2008 10:30 PM

Bylake Cattery (which is also a Kennel for dogs) breed pedigree kittens for sale in the summer. Bylake are a very responsible and respected breeder who always have the cat's and kitten's best interest at heart. Bylake only breed in the summer, so as to give the nursing queens a break in the winter when it's harder for them to nurse their offspring.

I've bought 2 lovely kittens from Bylake in the past and I recommend them to anyone who's looking to add to their family with a new fury feline.

The cost of their kittens at the time of writting, is:

- 250 (unregistered)
- ã350 (registered)

Bylake breed the following kittens:

- British Short Hair
- Birman

Bylake breed kittens in a variety of colours including blue, lilac, cream, chocolate, spotted tipped and colour point in the British Short Haired, and seal, chocolate, blue and lilac in the Birmans.

In my experience of buying kittens from Bylake, i've found the whole process an absolute joy thanks to the insightful staff who are willing to advise you on the right kitten for you, and who genuninely understand what it means to each family when they are looking to buy a new pet.

As mentioned above, Bylake have the animal's best interests at heart and will make it very clear to you that there's a lot of work involved in keeping a long-haired cat (they breed both long haired and short haired kittens), and they advise against keeping a long-haired cat if you don't think you can keep up with the regular brushing involed. It's worth noting that at Bylake, their own cats are kept in large pens and they all seem very happy. Also, due to the regular attention each cat recieves, they are all very happy and comfortable around people, which is important because this rubs off on the kitten's who learrn to love being around people too.

When you buy your kitten(s), you have to wait until the kitten is 12 - 13 weeks old before it's ready to go home, by which time it has been fully vaccinated and litter trained. Bylake also start to ween the kitten from it's mother at about 6 weeks. Both my cats were very happy little kittens when I brought them home from Bylake and were in good health.

Kittens can be registered as pedigtree cats with the GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) which allows you to eventually take your cat to shows where it can be entered into various pedigree classes. Registering your kitten will cost an additional 100.

Finally, on collection of your kitten (at 12 - 13 weeks), Bylake provide you with a kitten care pack, which is a little tub containing some food, toys and treats, as well as a book about kitten care. The food you are given is Whiskas canned kitten food, and Royal Canin dry food (premium quality dry food). The tub you are given (branded by Royal Canin) comes in very useful and I still have mine today.

Pros: - Excellent care for their cats and kittens. - Excellent value for money on their kittens, 250 is a reasonable price for such beautiful cats which will give you many years of love and hapiness. - Kittens come litter trained, and are fully vaccinated. - Very well kept and friendly place. - Friendly cats, well treated. Kittens are playful but well behaved and are used to human contact. - When choosing your kitten, you are offered the chance to see the parents of each litter, as well as grandparents and siblings, so you really get to see where the litter is bread from. - Bylake is well known at vsrious cat shows for showing excellent cats.

cons: Our second kitten had been registered before we had purchased her, so she was registered with Bylake. When we recieved the "change of owner" documents, we had to pay an additional 10 to the GCCF for the papers to be processed, which isn't a big deal but it Bylake could have told us about this charge beforehand. Bylake Cattery does not accept card payments. Payment by cash or cheque only.

conclusion: As a person who was looking for a household pet, rather than a show-pet, Bylake cattery was the perfect choice for me. I now have two young cats who are as much a part of the family as everyone else. I've also used the cattery service twice in a year and this was reasonably priced. My two little darlings came home very happy. My Verdict: Bylake Cattery is highly recommended!

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