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Bylake Cattery & Kennels

By: Rex Inego | Apr 27, 2009 05:09 AM

Bylake Cattery & Kennels was formed in 1970 and has thirty years of experience in giving the best care for your pets. All the staff are specially trained in animal welfare. They are also very fond of animals and take care of them very well, like its their very own. This is a licensed establishment and they are inspected regularly by the local authority. You can enjoy your holidays by leaving your pets in the hands of these well-trained staff. The kennels have a variety of food stuff for your beloved canine. You can also arrange for your pet's favourite food stuff to be fed in your absence. The kennels are specialist breeders of Birman and British Short Hair Cats. During their stay in the kennels if they become sick they are covered by insurance and first class treatment are available. They are looked after by the vet if needed.

They have 47 separate kennels from small and extra large sizes. All the kennels have an area and a covered outside run. Any breeds are welcome. Age is not a hindrance. But the pets should be fully vaccinated. If your pets are under any medication you should inform about the medication during the time of booking. You can also bring your pets' bedding so that they will become familiar to the new place. The kennels provide the pet their favorite toys. But they wont be responsible for the damage of the toys or the bedding materials. The pets will be given a complimentary grooming and bath during their stay. Vaccinations should be given one week prior to the arrival to the kennel. This keeps the other pets from getting infected.

They have variety of cats with different colours. The colours of British Short Haired are blue, lilac, chocolate and cream, spotted and tipped and the Birams comes in seal, chocolate, lilac and blue. You have to wait till the kittens are 12 to 13 weeks old and they are fully vaccinated and trained before given to you. They also provide you a kitten care pack which contains a little tub, toys, some food and a book about kitten care. The Kittens are registered under pedigree cats with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

Stud facility for cats is available in this kennel. All the queens are tested and vaccinated. We should make the vaccination cards ready and pedigree certificated before stud service.

Pros: Good care given for pets Reasonable price Kittens trained and fully vaccinated Well kept and friendly place

cons: Does not accept card payment

conclusion: Bylake Cattery&Kennels is perfect if you are looking for a household pet.

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