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Cabrinha Custom (2008) Kiteboard

By: Andrew Wilson | Jul 19, 2011 06:13 AM

The brand new Cabrinha Custom (2008) Kiteboard carry outstanding features which can thrill water sports enthusiasts. The square concave bottom and the new shape merge speed and drive perfectly. The product is tested by the maker Andre Phillip in order to assure quality to customers. Specially crafted to progressive wake-style riding it can be ridden without its fins. The custom is equally at home while taking part in flat water tricks or while hitting obstacles. The custom kiteboard permits you to push the ride to the maximum. The hard glass used in the production makes it strong and offers better flexibility. The Quadrax Fibre glass Laminate; the four axis fibreglass creates a lively feel. The hard glass used is pre laminated. 

Pros: The PVC core and other materials used in the custom kiteboard are tactically fixed to provide maximum weight, flex and bounce. The light, strong and low density PVC foam core ensures consistency in the results. Another addition, 3D moulded foot pad stays on like a shoe on the rider. The double density EVA will shelter your foot and shelter it from harms due to hard landings. The foot strap can be adjusted with ease so that it makes a perfect fit. The sheet used at the top and bottom is tough and resistant to scratches. The ABS side wall of the custom kiteboard is laminated to make it stronger and to ensure a comfortable ride. The core profile of the custom kiteboard is created with CNC milling, which ensures consistency. Mounting system of the custom is stainless steel with inserts. The inserts are specially made to prevent pull outs and spins. The inserts are 1/4-20 thread and fits the profiles perfectly.

cons: No

conclusion: Each board of Cabrina is unique in its arrangement. The cores are made to include the correct flex for a particular design, after which the correct laminate is used to make the custom. The stance selections can be done according to the size and style the rider prefers. It features a foot strap stance of 16/18 and binding stance of 20", which will be appropriate for the wake style rider. 4 high class glass fins along with a handle is provided with the custom.

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