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Call of Duty 3 (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Jan 22, 2007 06:23 PM

Returning with the same mix of story and action that made the other games in the series special, Call of Duty 3 chronicles the march of American, British and Polish forces on the French capital of Paris. As in the other titles, the storyline jumps between the three different forces throughout the game. The story serves to move the game along but never gets in the way of action for long, striking a good balance of explaining objectives without taking itself too seriously. There are fourteen missions overall. On normal mode, the game will present a challenge to most players, sometimes requiring several attempts before moving on to the next checkpoint. Since any estimates on how longӔ the game is would be based on an individual players ability, some may whip through the title in ten hours while others may require double that time to complete the campaign.

While the game will look a bit fuzzy and unimpressive to the graphical connoisseurs more used to the Hi-Def environments of the 360 or PS3, players just now making the jump to the ғnew generation with the Wii should be pleased; the game certainly has more flourish than the standard Gamecube game. Smoke effects and destructive environments, as well as the constant scenes of action that surround the playing map, probably make the Wii flex a bit of muscle and definitely serve as some pleasing eye candy that makes the presentation more immersive. I ran into just a few strange bugs, including an enemy grenade that simply hung in the air after bouncing off of a friendly NPC. Overall, however, the visuals donԒt suffer from any irritating issues. While the graphics are not anything worth writing home, they serve their purpose admirably enough and allow players to focus on whats most important: the control scheme.

Of course, the major question for the game is how well Call of Duty is adapted to the Wii controller. Players move the Wii remote around like a gun to aim, as might be expected. This motion moves the gun, which will then quickly begin to drag the characterҒs viewpoint with it. The A button brings up the sight or scope, while B fires. The d-pad controls grenades and melee attacks, while the 1 button quickly shows objectives and serves to pick up munitions and reload. On the nunchuck side, the joystick moves players, while Z toggles crouch and prone positions and C makes the character jump.

Players must keep in mind that bold movements are not necessary when aiming the Wii remote. In fact, subtlety is the order of the day; an inch on the Wii remote is very close to moving the gun an inch on screen, which can mean several degrees of firing range, especially if a target is off in the distance. This does not hold true for tank missions and sniper rifles, however, as these both require gamers to move much more significantly to get much of a result onscreen. While it֒s obvious that this is meant to allow for easier fine-tuning while firing long distances, it in fact feels a bit off in comparison to the pin-point accuracy gamers are taught in all other aspects of the game.

Pros: Outstanding music Control scheme generally good

cons: No multiplayer Visually average

conclusion: Call of Duty 3, while at times falling short of its sibling versions on other platforms, provides a compelling gameplay experience on the Wii. The controls are not perfect, but they do prove that a nearly pixel-perfect mouse-and-keyboardӔ configuration can work on the Wii. After readjusting to the small amount of movement really required, players will be able to move capably through the game and often will be able to accomplish actions more quickly and accurately than a traditional gamepad could ever allow. Aside from the controls, the game itself is a worthy successor in a franchise cherished by many gamers. The presentation is as well done as ever, really throwing gamers into the heart of the war, and the musical score is first class. While the lack of multiplayer, surround sound and a boot campӔ extended training mode are sorely missed, Call of Duty 3 on the Wii should not be missed by any gamer that enjoys shooters and does not own a competing next-gen system.

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