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Call of Duty (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Jul 26, 2004 03:27 PM

Call of Duty is based on the events of World War II.

You get to play a number of levels from all of the allies perspectives: Russian Levels, American Levels & English Levels.

This is a first person shooter which mixes stealth and actions perfectly. There is a great range of levels not found in other war games, such as the immense battle for Stalingrad and the storming of the Reichstag in Berlin.

Pros: The variety of levels of this game elevates it above all other games of the war genre. For example, there are SAS level where infiltration is the name of the game, there is the battle of Stalingrad which is only for the bravest of the brave, and then there are levels that highlight streategic aspects of war such as storming a strategically placed building and then holding off a German counter attack. The weapon choice adds more variety and the authenticity of the game as a whole is top notch. The graphics are staggeringly good.

cons: Too short. There are only 12 levels and although they themselves are lengthy, this game would easily have kept me enthralled for 24 levels!

conclusion: If you a fan of the war genre or just shoot 'em ups then you shouldn't miss this one. This is easily the best war game I have ever played, it completely blows the Medal of Honour series out of the water.

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