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By: Rex Inego | Jun 26, 2009 09:18 AM

A complete magazine for the family, Candis Magazine features diverse topics like latest celebrity news, health, shopping guide, lifestyle, travel, garden, food and much more. Apart from these topics, this magazine provides utmost truthful information about everything, ranging from discount offers to insurance plans. Each issue features interesting topics and various useful articles. It always comes with stunning photographs, making them enjoyable to view.

It comes with the real stories of those people having gone through unbelievable experiences. The subscribers can become a Candis club member by paying a yearly fee. These members can avail the various money saving benefits offered, which range from holiday packages to latest electronic gadgets.

For charity, the magazine has extended its support for various community projects, British Heart Foundation and Marie Curie Cancer Care. Since 1962, the year in which the magazine was introduced, it has contributed a lot towards charity.

Pros: With almost 300,000 club members, this monthly magazine, features quality journalism, advertising and photographs. It offers immense benefits to members and almost 10 percent of the revenue from subscription for charitable purposes. The subscribers can enjoy a fun-filled and fascinating reading experience with the varied topics featured in it.

cons: Available only if subscribed.

conclusion: With bigger readership when compared to other magazines, Candis Magazine covers immense topics which are both interesting and useful, making it a great value magazine that is recommendable to all potential buyers.

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By carl abbott | Mar 09, 2012 08:06 PM | Rating: 

an absolute awful company, i rang to try and cancel my subscription as it was mis-sold to me in the street, i was told i couldnt and they were taking nearly £40 out my account, i pointed out that i was still within my 14 days, there reply was good day to you, and hung up, i rang back to speak to manager only to be told i had used the f word1 what utter nonsense, i asked for a recording of call, they said it was not recorded, how convenient, i have tried to contact a board member, but every time i call they rudely hang up on me, STAY AWAY FROM THERE PEOPLE, THEY ARE RUDE, OBNOXIOUS, AND SEEM TO BE ON THE FIDDLE, i suggest if you want to donate to a charity, do it direct, thanks for listening

By rachel albinson | Apr 27, 2012 02:52 PM | Rating: