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Carazette Mini Pill (pop)

By: Rex Inego | Jun 03, 2008 03:21 PM

I went on the mini pill after suffering from headaches and previously having a migraine that affected my speech. The doctors were concerned, so thought the mini pill would help (seen as previously had been on 4 other combined pills, each with their own problems). I tried 2 different mini pills and neither of them suited me. I was warned that my periods may be irregular or wouldn't come at all, but after pretty much having a constant period for about 4 months I couldn't cope anymore. It wouldn't have been so much of a problem if I hadn't been in a relationship, but it still would have been ludicrous. After trying 6 contraceptive pills that didn't work I decided to give my body a break. 6 months on, I've only had 2 periods (and no i'm not pregnant) and my skin is in terrible condition (acne on face, chest and back). So I've decided to give the contraceptive pill another go and have just started taking Dianette, which I'm hoping will clear my skin up.

Pros: > No weight gain > No mood swings > No headaches, nausea etc

cons: > Constant bleeding > 6 months after coming off it my periods are still irregular

conclusion: I have been on 6 different contraceptive pills and even though this didn't make me feel ill as such, the constant period did make me feel down and I was just getting fed up with the whole situtation, hence taking a complete break for 6 months. I can't see why you would go on the mini pill, if your periods are going to be irregular. It is a nightmare socially (holidays, romantic nights in etc) and gives no indication of pregnancy.

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