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Carazette Mini Pill (pop)

By: Rex Inego | Sep 18, 2008 10:46 PM

I was on microgynon for a few years and I would put on alot of water weight some times up to a stone which I got used to becuase I knew when I was due on but then I started getting a red blotchy rash all up my back
It would come and go.

My doctor changed me over to cerazette desogestrel mini pill and I lost about half a stone but I didn't have a period for a month and then I had about 9 in the next month - on for a couple of says - off on just for a night - off again - on for a week
no pattern at all
the same for the next 2 months
so I went back to my old pill- the rash isn't back but I have skin like I did when I was 14 and i've put more weight on and I feel like i'm loads heavier

Pros: I was not preg - I had no idea - my test said I wasn't I lost weight No water weight on periods - may have been because they were so random increased sex drive - when I was on mycro I didn't have one.

cons: I had no idea when my next period was going to be how long it was going to last for and when it was coming back I had no idea if I was preg or not

conclusion: It's hard to say I liked it sometimes and it worried me at other times If I had bled normaly, it would have been perfect

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