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By: Chris Kevin | Jul 13, 2011 10:18 AM

Spray the heavenly aroma of Carolina all over and get instant attention wherever you go. Created by Carolina Herrera, this beautiful scent is sure to win admirers from all over. The fresh and unique smell makes this perfume distinctive among the rest. 

Pros: The perfect blend of notes makes this perfume one of the best. Bitter orange, dry grapes and wild strawberries makes the top notes and the smell casts a magical spell on others as soon as you enter the room. Middle note include floral sweet with rose petals, pepper and berries, while the base note is wood, natural vanilla, transparent amber and transparent musk. All these combine to produce a great smell. The smell will not fade away easily and it stays on your dress and skin for long. The compact and handy bottle makes a central place in your dressing table. The tempting smell makes you want to use it everyday. It is perfect for romantic occasions, for work or for parties. No matter what the occasion it is, this perfume will definitely keep you in limelight.

cons: None

conclusion: After using Carolina you will not settle down for any other perfumes. It keeps you fresh, lively and active. Mild floral notes captures your senses, while the woody fragrance matches you bold persona. All in all, this perfume is great and it will top the list of your favourite perfumes.

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