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Centring 001 Table Top Drop Weight Stringing Machine

By: Rex Inego | Apr 15, 2009 10:23 AM

Highly sophisticated to provide the best services for stringing all racquets varying from tennis, oversized tennis, wide bodies, long bodies, fan patterned, squash, racquetball and badminton, the Centring 001 Table Top Drop Weight Stringing Machine with 6-point suspension mounting system and drop-point tensioning system helps one earn a fortune with a little training.

Complete with linear ball bearing string ripper with unidirectional clutch; 10 to 90 pound and kilogram tension range; 360 degrees swivel turn table for easy and smooth rotation, it features twin diamond coated, heavy duty dual action thumb adjustable stainless steel fixed swivel clamps- 2PN 1012 tennis clamps and you can handle any diagonal stringing for fan patterned clamps. The 6-point suspension mounting system provides 10-point maximum support to eliminate any racquet distortion.

With micro-adjustable head and throat mounting posts, it facilitates 4 heavy duty independently modifiable side support arms and Padded k-shaped side supports to secure any frame without damages. With all-metal linear ball bearing string gripper to grip the string automatically without using muscle power and without damaging, the stainless steel rocking latchet with unidirectional clutch string gripper enables easy and fast stringing. Other features inlcude 2 drop-weights for constant pull tensioning; dual action swivel clamps that can move in any direction up or down to hold all types of racquets without additional accessories; metal machine base with tool adjustable area and level adjustable pads; tools like 16 mm Allen wrench and 13 mm Allen wrench.

Pros: Optimum convenience in stringing the racquets with perfect tension and utmost ease makes it the best and most viable machine one can always depend on. It ensures superb price to performance values! A 1 year warranty and 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee completes the package of this powerful stringing machine.

cons: Almost none

conclusion: Immensely useful to string the racquets with ease and perfection, it is a must have for ardent squash and badminton players. A better option to save money, this appliance allows one to earn after training.

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