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Centring 7000 Tabletop Manual Stringing Machine

By: Rex Inego | May 28, 2009 05:51 AM

Earning money is now made simple after a days training with Centring 7000 Tabletop Manual Stringing Machine. Designed to string all rackets of tennis, oversized tennis, wide bodies, long bodies, fan patterned, squash, racquet ball and badminton, it has 1-year manufacturerҒs guarantee too.

Complete with 2 slim diamond-coated, thumb-adjustable stainless steel swivel clamps, Tension head stop, convenient reel holder and free stringing tools such as 1 DP-507 diagonal cutter, 1 NP-500 needle nose pliers and 1 BS-809 tennis awl, it has adjustable-width linear ball bearing string gripper which handles any size of string and prevents string damage.

Pros: Every care is taken to ensure superb tensions required for every racquet and hardly interferes with the aesthetics. The 360 degrees swivel turn table with brake ensures optimum power in every weave. It has Six-point, suspension mounting system that provides 10-point maximum support and eliminates any racquet distortion. It has 4 independently adjustable mounting arms (heavy-duty) and the large padded, L-shaped rotating shoulder supports that swivel to perfectly fit against the frame. The padded head and throat mounting posts while securing any frame (including deep V-shaped throats); it prevents cosmetic damage to any frame. With Manual crank spring tensioning system that strings all racquets fast and accurately and Dual-action swivel clamps that can move in any direction up and down; and capable of handling any type of racquet without needing any extra accessory, it is easy to use and ensures smoother operation.

cons: Not known.

conclusion: A good option to take care of the badminton, tennis and squash fanatics’ rackets without over strain while ensuring complete protection, one can earn money while satisfying the demands of the industry.

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