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Cette Women's Revolution Knickers

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 25, 2011 05:38 AM

Getting gorgeous and well shaped figure is a desire of every woman. To get the perfect body figure they try out all types of body shapers and corsets. By selecting, high waist knickers like the Cette Women's Revolution Knickers you can give your buttocks and back a proportionate and balanced appearance. It hides away the extra flesh and gives you flawless figure. 

By wearing this kicker you will feel really good about your well toned back and bottom. This revolution panty girdle effectively smoothes the unwanted flesh in your back and waist area and draws attention to your well shaped back. 

Pros: With knickers like this, you can wear any types of body hugging clothes confidently. Since, it offers a balanced proportion of your body you can look fabulous wearing fashionable clothes including low rise trousers and skirts. Finished in 80% Polyamide, 19% Elastane and 1% Cotton, this knickers can be worn without any irritation. It hugs the body perfectly and you can engage in any kind of activity without feeling any discomfort. This can be worn for work, party or for any occasion. It does not stick out from your clothes but offers a smooth finish. No one will even notice that you are wearing a body shaping kicker. It offers a natural and uniform appearance.

cons: None

conclusion: Cette Women's Revolution Knickers is available in black shade that does with almost any coloured clothes. Nothing hides the bumps and lumps effectively, than these wonderful revolutions knickers.

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