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Chessington World Of Adventures

By: Rex Inego | Apr 27, 2009 05:17 AM

The Chessington World of Adventures is situated near London and is owned by Merlin Entertainments. It was opened on June 7, 1987. It is 12 miles from Central London. This park is divided into ten lands. Each one has its own individual theming. There is a zoo which is an added attraction to this park. Some of the main attractions are the Dragons Fury roller coaster, BillyҒs Whizzer, street bus called Bash, Dennis Madhouse and Rodger the Dodgers Dodgems.

This theme park mainly attracted me with its family oriented rides like the Bubbleworks. The Forbidden Kingdom has two rides the Tomb Blaster which has mummies, giant snake and beetles and the other one is the Rameses Revenge known for its Huss Rides one of the best adventures ride in the park. It also has a restaurant. Apart from this you have Rameses Vault Amusement and Forbidden Ices. All these were a great experience for me.

Chessington world of Adventures

This Market Square place is situated in the middle of the park with shops, food stalls and video arcades. I really enjoyed the food and did a little shopping. After that from the land you can get into a monorail called Safari Skyway, which takes you to the lawn, zoo and mansion area. The market square has a hall called Hocus Pocus. There you have an indoor wizardҒs house with goblins. By wearing the 3D glasses you can experience the exciting feel. The area has lockers, parks guest service and events stage. This market square looks alike English market which has a gateway, a new courtyard restaurant namely the Pizza Pasta and a water wheel.

Chessington world of Adventures

The Chessington Zoo is one of the oldest areas in the park. The west side is the home for gorillas, tigers, leopards and lions and to the east you can see various small enclosures like capybaras, monkey, otters, squirrel monkey, meerkats, rhea and birds. Just outside the monkey garden there is a new zoo for children with chickens, goats, pigs and sheep. There is a reptile house which is called Creepy Caves. Apart from these you have a Sea Life Centre which is the home for British and tropical fish. This is designed especially for children.

This Chessington World of Adventures has variety of rides namely Land of Dragons, Beanoland, Mexicana, Mystic East, Pirates Cove, Toytown with gentle rides for young children and Transylvani. With these rides I had an exhilarating experience.

Pros: Family oriented rides A zoo is an added attraction to this park

cons: Very expensive to get in and the RAP does not work up to the mark.

conclusion: This Chessington World of Adventures is indeed fun to visit, what with the various rides and the animals which are sure to attract kids like magnets to an iron pole!

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