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Chrome: Specforce (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Sep 21, 2005 05:51 PM

Chrome: Specforce is the second in this series of futuristic first person shooters developed by Techland, published by Deep Silver.

You play as Bolt Logan, a member of the elite SpecForce military unit drafted in to battle terrorist factions on the distant planet of Estrella and of course, the battle escalates into war with you left to fight in it.

Chrome: Specforce is a low budget game, and while the graphics make an effort to look like something special, the game equates to a linear and generic experience that makes you wonder why the game went on sale after hits like Halo and FarCry.

The game engine isn't bad at all, and does a pretty good job of creating expansive environments to play in. Unfortunately that’s where it ends! There's nothing to explore in SpecForce, as the levels contain nothing but vegetation made up of 2d animated spites with a few generic buildings dotted here and there to add some diversity. In game characters which are clearly there to add to the whole experience, have no personality, and in most cases, don't interact well with the environment around them - Mechs located at your camp will go through the floor when they walk for example, which in this day and age is just not acceptable - I would expect more from a 1998 Tomb Raider game.

The enemy AI in Specforce is an improvement over the original game, yet fighting them is tedious and boring and sparks no interest in the player. Take FarCry as a means of comparison; The enemies will group together, take higher ground and try to outflank you, all the time keeping you on your toes, guessing. In SpecForce however, enemies will duck and cover now and again, popping up to shoot at you with the eyes of a hawk - There's no taking cover behind any of the game's greenery as you'll be spotted and popped in the head right away which adds to the frustration of playing this game and playing soon becomes a chore as the lack of original weaponry just confirms the belief that this is just a cheap rehash of other successful games. The bottom line is, you never feel immersed into the SpecForce world which quite frankly is the reason we play games.

Pros: - Decent and stable game engine which has potential to create something quite special. - Story will satisfy the minds of Sci-Fi fans. - Budget price of ?19.99, although even this is a little over-priced. - A nice easy-to-use inventory system to store your weapons and items.

cons: - It really is just a cheap, badly executed rehash of other successful games of this genre. The addition of vehicles in this game is wasted as you can only drive when the game allows for it, and only the vehicle chosen for you by the game. - Levels are linear and boring with nothing more than 2d sprites, trees and hills to hide the horizon line. - Weapons we have seen many times before, except these ones are over-sized and badly textured.

conclusion: If you have a spare ?19.99 lying around and are thinking of buying Chrome: Specforce, then I would suggest picking up FarCry instead which you can get for about ?10 now. If you already have FarCry, then you would be wasting time and money getting this cheap imitation.

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