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Cilest Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Jan 18, 2009 07:05 PM

I was prescribed Cilest after taking Microgynon for 5 years and getting fed up of having period pains/ mood swings, and was also advised it would help my skin clear up too.

as soon as i started on this pill i saw changes, i start crying for no reason over 3-4 days every 3 weeks, my husband has to walk on egg shells around me and it is calendar accurate to every 3 weeks (we worked it out), I have been getting really angry, have had nausea/sickness a few mornings a week, and am now having spotting/light bleeding after taking 3 packets back to back.

i never had these problems with microgynon. my moods change daily, my husband never knows how i will feel.

Pros: No weight gain or loss of sex drive.

cons: Bigger boobs (not what i wanted, i was advised that due to Microgynon and Cilest being similar, my breast size would not change). Mooighd changes daily, Tearfulness/crying every 3 weeks like clockwork, agressive behaviour, bleeding lighlty for the past week after taking 3 packets back to back. period pains still.

conclusion: i have a G.P appointment on tuesday and will be requesting to change to another pill, this pill is too much for me, I am not an emotional person but after screaming down the phone to my husband or bursting into tears randomly i feel something has caused it and the only thing i can compare the length of time of these behaviours to is Cilest. I would like to stress that everyone is different and reacts differently to different things, this pill may work wonders for some girls.

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