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Clarion VA700 Amplifier

By: Chris Kevin | Mar 17, 2011 02:13 AM

For environments that demand high quality audio outputs should rely on a powerful amplifier . Combining superior technology and smart features, the Clarion VA700 Amplifier delivers exemplary amplification capabilities. This is a Video Distribution Multi-Amplifier and performs exceptionally well. Performance-wise you get the best output from this amplifier. It is equipped with all the essentials you could ask for. Though it comes in a minimalist body, it delivers unrivalled performance. It has the capability to provide Stable Video Signal for up to 7 LCD Monitors. This makes this amplifier very efficient and high performing. Regarding connectivity, it features 7-Buffered 75-Ohm RCA Composite Video Outputs and 1 RCA Composite Video Input. These connectors offer seamless connectivity options. Backed up with 1-year warranty, it offers complete peace of mind. This amplifier comes in compact body of Width 5.1, Depth 3.2 and Height 0.8 which makes it easier to handle and use. It is packed with all the essential features that will provide seamless amplification. The robust and durable Clarion VA700 Video Distribution Amplifier delivers excellent amplification year after year. To achieve excellent audio performance and video distribution you can rely on this advanced amplifier.

General Information
Brand Clarion
Model Clarion VA700 Amplifier
Type of Amplifier Video distribution amplifier
Connectors 7-Buffered 75-Ohm RCA Composite Video Outputs and 1 RCA Composite Video Input.
Dimensions (W) 5.1x (D) 3.2 x (H) 0.8 inches




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