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Cleaning washing machine filters

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 14, 2011 06:59 AM

The exteriors are regularly wiped clean though the interiors require more care. The washing machines especially require special care as it is used with water. With different types of water used building up of mould and mildew is common. The minerals in the water can damage the interior parts as well. With proper maintenance, the durability and performance offered will be 100% satisfactory. The debris clogged in the water filter affects the performance of the washing machine. Water filling in the tub may require more time and cleaning the laundry too will be not as before due to the above mentioned factors. The manual provided with the washing machine helps one to locate the filter. The filters can be cleaned up easily for heightened performance. The few points mentioned below should be considered 1. Running the washer on a hot water cycle, with low clothes washing settings help clean the tub without wasting precious water. Fill the tub completely with water and add a cup of white vinegar plus half a cup of baking soda. Mix it well and allow the machine to churn fully, the way the clothes are washed. This helps remove the impurities and gunk inside the pumps and water outlets. 2. Once the above cycle is completed remove the water supplying tube and turn off the switch for water supply. The plug from the machine should be removed. Now the back panel of the machine for the hot and cold water outlets may be detached (only if you know to replace it the right way) and then cleaned with a soft bristled brush and small test-tube cleaner. 3. The debris in the filters can be vacuum cleaned with a shop vacuum, not the ordinary vacuum though. If the shop vacuum is unavailable the filters can be cleaned thoroughly with the brushes. 4. Now attach all the cleaned parts including filter, tubes and water inlet and outlets. The leaks should be well checked and then turn on the water supply. The detachable filter can be reattached before plugging the washing machine. Convenient and quick cleaning for marvellous results is now a matter of few minutes!




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