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Cleveland HiBore XLS Gold Driver

By: Rex Inego | May 01, 2008 06:51 PM

Pretty good all round oversized driver with a Fujikura M shaft. I bought the Gold version with a draw bias. I am told by the pro at the shop I bought it from that the extra money over the cheaper drivers I was trying goes on the very high quality shaft.

Pros: Very forgiving on off centre hits, with the ball still going fairly straight and very long. Good feel. Nice noise when you do hit the sweetspot. Can't complain about the distance. Very low weighting on the head seems to give plenty of loft (perhaps even too much for me but I did buy the 12 degree. Head cover looks really nice and has a handy handle/pocket for removing it from your bag. It has a two year guarantee, although I am not sure if this is a standard Cleveland thing or if its from the shop.

cons: The draw bias doesn't seem to make any difference, as I still hit the same fade I always have. Its not as focused on hot face technology as some drivers, so you need a bit of clubhead speed to get really good distances, but I think this makes it more forgiving so can be viewed as a positive.

conclusion: Probably not the best driver out there, but a good all rounder for the mid handy cap player, and good value for money at under 200 in many places.

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