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Clinique Kohl Shaper for Eyes

By: Rex Inego | May 11, 2009 11:52 AM

Eyes can talk more than words, which is indeed fact. This reason is more than enough to carry your eyes in a manner which will attract every one. Let your eyes do the talking while others drown in them. Clinique has introduced products which care for your eyes and one of them is Clinique Kohl Shaper for Eyes. This is a perfect eye make up product, which will not fail to make an impression on others.

It comes in rich colours that will suit the colour of your eyes. The pencil is available in a triangular design which offers firm grip and will not slip off from your finger tips while you use them. You will not have to buy an additional sharpener to sharp it, as a sharpener is inbuilt in the cap itself.

Pros: Perfect lining, shaping and defining is made possible with it. One can touch up anywhere, with the convenient shaped pencil with cap and enhance the bold look in your eyes. You can clean your eyes instantly without leaving any black marks or traces. With inbuilt sharpener you will never have to use a blunt point to shape your eyes, but can have perfect lines always. Use it with Mascara or eye shadow to give that complete look. This one is Ophthalmologist tested and thus a recommendable product and is ideal for those with sensitive eyes. It is available in a quiet a few shades, and all of them are worthy to be tried out.

cons: This pencil is inbuilt with a sharpener which is not of high quality and needs further improvement. For those with oily skins, this one is not your choice as it is likely to smudge and make a messy look.

conclusion: The only drawback about this pencil is that it consists of a low quality sharpener; otherwise the unit is a perfect make up for your eye. With a number of colours at your choice you can choose any which will suit your eyes.

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