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Clinique Touch Base For Eyes

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 20, 2011 07:02 AM

Use the Clinique Touch Base For Eyes to highlight and accentuate the beauty of your eyes. This cream is not greasy and is easy to apply. It instantly enhances the beauty of your eye giving it long lasting charm. This special formulation of the cream will not smear or smudge. It is not only smudge-proof but it is also fade resistant. It is ideal for day trips, works and night parties. This case cream looks stunning even when used alone.  

Pros: This Ophthalmologist tested base cream is safe to be used on any skin types. It is suitable for people with sensitive eyelids. This base is easy to apply all you have to do is run a little base in your fingers and apply to gently around the eyelids and base. It offers instant shine and shimmer to your eyes. This is a natural eye colour that will go with almost all skin tones. It is also a smart way to hide away those unwanted wrinkles and marks. Unlike other eye balms and shadows, it creases hardly. Your eyes are instantly brightened up.

cons: No

conclusion: Your eye make up is incomplete without the Clinique Touch Base For Eyes. Once you use the product you will not go for any other brands. This touch base is highly recommendable product.

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