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Clynol Revive and Repair Conditioner

By: Amelia Janet | Mar 18, 2011 11:52 AM

The dry climate conditions combined with frequent combing often affects the hair adversely resulting in split hairs and roughness. The powerful new repair conditioner with combination of panthenol and modified vegetable proteins can be used on all types of hairs. It improves the texture and repairs the hairs inside out.

Pros: Ideal for regular use it is offered in a handy bottle. Regular use of it prevents the hair from breaking when combed. It is safe on the tresses as well.

cons: Though highly effective for the hair, the pricing is deterrent.

conclusion: This product, true to the name, revises and repairs the hairs of all types. Safe on the hair and scalp it rejuvenates the tresses to give the natural bounce.

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