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Co-op Supermarket, Hatfield Heath

By: Rex Inego | Aug 11, 2008 09:10 PM

The Co-op in hatfield heath has recently undergone a facelift to bring what was quite a dated little shop, into a more commercial store. They now sell a larger range of products, including more bakery and patisserie foods. They also sell more refrigerated snack food such as sandwhiches and wraps.

With more choice than before, the Co-op in hatfield heath is now a reasonable place to buy food on work lunch breaks.

However, there's still only two tills/checkouts, usually with only one member of staff on hand at a time. Whilst queueing times are minimal, some staff are quite miserable when you are being served, and one in particular is famous for man-handling your food, slinging it around as it goes through the scanner.

I know somebody who was recently over-charged for a few items, by about 3.

Pros: Local shop with larger range after it's facelift. More snack food available which is ideal for lunchtime.

cons: Parking in Hatfield Heath is a bit of a nightmare. Staff are often miserable, and have overcharged someone I know. Prices are a bit high.

conclusion: Convenient little shop, ideal for lunchtime snacks, but prices are higher than average. Worth visiting for the patisserie alone.

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