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Cobra 440 SZ Driver

By: Rex Inego | May 07, 2008 11:34 PM

The 440 SZ was a massively popular club in its day, and for good reason. It’s oversized head with hot face technology produced massive distances with very little effort. This is of course the main attribute that most people look for in a driver. Although they have not been in production for several years, there are quite a few cropping up as bargains on the second hand market. This is likely to do with the fact that they have become illegal in club competitions this year as the face exceeds the allowable C.O.R. limit.

Pros: - If you keep a steady tempo and hit the ball in the sweet spot (or the “Sweet Zone” as Cobra like to call it), you will get impressive distances. - The club is very light.

cons: - It is now illegal in competitions, although how strictly this is enforced is debatable. - There are concerns over the durability. The hot face technology requires the face to be very thin in places. This can lead to cracking. I have also had the shaft snap on one of these without provocation.

conclusion: If you can find a good deal on a second hand one and you are not concerned with club competitions, then this is a great buy.

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