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Cobra ESD 7330 Radar Detector

By: Andrew Wilson | Mar 02, 2011 01:40 AM

Cobra provides you a high-quality radar detecting system. The new Cobra ESD 7330 Radar Detector is a high quality radar detection system equipped with safety alert transmitters. This latest Cobra radar detector is carried out with advanced detection system which protects users from all types of laser bands and X / K / Ka bands. It enhances protection from all types of laser guns used by the cops. Dual mode (City / Highway) operation is enabled in this advanced system. The false signal detection is more in city mode because of the security systems of the shops. User can set mute is the gadget to make unwanted alerts silent in city mode. An ultra-bright display panel is integrated on the gadget. Indicators placed on the gadget display the signal strength and detection. This will help the user to know the detection status even in mute mode. One of the main attractions of this new radar detector is that it comes with advanced VG-2 alert system which hides the customer from radar detector detectors. The built-in alert system in the Cobra ESD 7330 Ultra-bright Radar Detector warns drivers about the emergency vehicles and road hazards. This high end device offers 360 degree protection to the users.

General info
Brand Cobra
Model Cobra ESD 7330 Radar Detector
Detection area Front / rear
Detection modes City / Highway modes
Display Ultra-bright
VG-2 alerts Yes
360 degree protection Yes




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