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Coffee drinking- a universal habit

By: Evabarnet | Jun 06, 2011 05:46 AM

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages, after soda and water in many countries. Though some consider, Americans to drink the most coffee it is not quiet true. According to the statistics, Norwegians consumes the highest amount of coffee that is 10.7 kgs per person. This means, they consume more or less 4 cups of coffee everyday. Next to Norway is Finland, with a little less of 10.1kgs per person. Denmark gets the third position in the list of countries with highest coffee consumption. People in Denmark consume 9.7kgs of coffee. In Norway there are plenty of coffee bars, caf├ęs and restaurants where people come to have coffee, any time of the day. There also drink coffee from their homes. The increasing demand for coffee has resulted in the rise of coffee shops and bars in this region. Though, the population in Norway is just 4.5 million people, they import a huge 41 tons of coffee every year. In Norway, the cold climate makes coffee consumption so popular and appealing. In most of the parties, after dinner the guests have coffee and cakes. It is during the coffee and cake session, that the guests socialize and chat. Norwegian social habits have lot to do with their excess consumption of coffee intake. Fins drink coffee all the time and they drink it together. There are practically no weddings, funerals, work meetings or parties without offering coffee. Another strange thing you will notice is the display of coffee-burners in almost every Finnish history museum. People enjoy drinking coffee together and this has won them the second position. Most of the Scandinavian countries consume coffee in excess. The excess coffee intake is mainly due to the need for a stimulant as the countries is in the dark for half the year. Cold climate in these regions also increases their coffee intake. With regard to coffee consumption, there is no country to beat Norway.




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