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Coffee and its health benefits on men

By: Rex Inego | Jun 17, 2011 05:20 AM

Each day the number of coffee drinkers is increasing. With this increasing volume of coffee, fan clubs will be relieved to know that besides taste, they can boast of the health perspective of their loved beverage. A recent study conducted on coffee talked about the effect of coffee in reducing malignancy of the skin. Today men can go gaga further on with coffee taking the responsibility to lower the risk of prostrate cancer up to a whopping 60%! Scientists have concluded that coffee has an impact in regulating the hormone level, insulin as well as glucose metabolism which have a direct impact on prostrate cancer. Another interesting effect of coffee on the body is that it triggers calcium absorption which makes the muscle stronger and helps contraction. Thus indirectly those who are into weight lifting or any physical activity are benefited. It does not cause the soreness of muscles and helps faster recovery. Coffee also reduces risk of heart diseases. A general survey has determined that people who consume coffee regularly are lesser at risk of heart disease than those who do not drink coffee.




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