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Coffee Maker – the best gift for the student

By: Andrew Wilson | Jun 09, 2011 04:10 AM

Coffee is an ideal drink for all, especially the students. The possession of a small coffee maker for those who are about to join the college will considerably reduce their coffee expenses. Local restaurants and coffee cafes charge exorbitantly for a cup of coffee. The students can refrain from visiting such places if they possess a small coffee maker. Plenty of cash can be saved on account of that. The students have very little space in their dorms and it is indeed to a challenge to accommodate their personal belongings. It is not so in the case of a proper size coffee maker. The students and the parents are particular about controlling the expenses. They are interested in going for K-Cup or pod coffee makers but soon realize that they are costlier than ground coffee. In general, for the home needs an 8 to 10 cup maker is suitable. But it is too much for the students in the dorm. They will need only a 2 to 3 cup capacity machines which are easy to operate. Mr. Coffee, Gevalia, Krups etc are some of the popular brands of automatic drip coffee machines. They occupy very little space. They will be ideal for the students as the output is low and there is no wastage. They also have in built electronic controls and timers such that by the time the students get up in the morning the coffee will be ready for brewing. Coffee clubs like Gevalia offer membership every month. They even give low capacity coffee makers as free gifts. In addition they will provide a packet of fresh coffee. Hence it is advisable for the parents to think of buying a membership card for the students.




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