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Coffee plantation leaders of the world

By: Andrew Wilson | Jun 11, 2011 11:08 AM

All of us drink coffee and enjoy the mood and the lingering taste. But how many of us have really wondered about the origin of our coffee’s bean or from where the coffee we drink is produced? Brazil and Vietnam are the largest coffee producers in the world. About 2 million metric ton is the quantity that the two nations export each year! Brazil is known for its coffee plantation. But you will be surprised to learn that all Brazil was not a natural coffee producer, but became one by importing seeds way back in the 18th century for plantation. Most Brazilian coffee companies are owned by foreigners, American being the leading two. Today the city of São Paulo has more than 19 million residents who are mostly immigrants and plantation workers. Brazil has dedicated nearly ten thousand square miles for coffee plantation, working towards exporting a strong 90% of the global coffee requirement. Thus since the past 150years Brazil has been the sole leader in coffee exports. Vietnam started its coffee plantation in 1900 and soon became the second largest exporter following Brazil. It was the French explorers who tried the coffee plantation by importing the seeds in 1850’s and then on Vietnam engaged ad flourished in coffee plantation. The Vietnam love for coffee is very evident by the fact that this is the first country that produced the plant that made instant coffee. Vietnam sells over 1 metric ton of coffee each year. Today the world enjoys coffee in various ways, as espresso, with or without cream, or cappuccino, or simple black coffee etc. The next time you sip your favourite beverage, you can thank Brazil and Vietnam for having their fields dedicated to the plantation of this powerful stimulant that is more or less takes you to heaven by its very aroma!




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