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How to make Coffee Pods at home

By: Evabarnet | Jun 06, 2011 05:48 AM

Great tasting freshly roasted coffee depends upon the quality of the coffee pods you use. Coffee pods are nothing but freshly ground coffee, encapsulated in a paper. The freshly roasted coffee is tampered within the capsules to the correct pressure, so you could brew the perfect cup of coffee. The first original pod was created in 1996 by Illy caffe and decided to bring out the standard coffee pod into the market. Home made coffee pods To make use of these coffee pods, most of the coffee machines come with adapters. Using coffee pods not only enhances the taste of and aroma of the coffee, but it also ensures mess-free operation. The used coffee pods can be used as fertilizers too. To make the perfect cup of espresso you can rely on coffee pods. With these coffee pods you will never go wrong with the measurement, freshness and roast. You need not rely on department stores for these coffee pods as you can prepare the coffee pods right from your home and use it to prepare perfect cup of coffee. To prepare the coffee pods you will require freshly grounded roasted coffee beans and filter paper. Firstly, you will require a measuring scoop of correct measurement to go well with the size of the pod. After that you should get a coffee style filter paper sheet and position it inside the scoop. Then you will have to find an accurate size of glass jar that will force the paper in the scoop. After that center the filter on the jar and do it by positioning the mixture back in the scoop. This will result in a goblet shaped filter paper in the scoop. Now you can add the required amount of ground coffee to the paper-filter-cup. Generally, the coffee scoops can hold 7 grams of coffee. To spread the grounds of coffee at the base of the filter, give the cup a little shake. The extra filter material can be folded neatly with the finger. Lastly, you can put the jar into the scoop and press it hard with your palm. Making coffee pods at home can be fun and easy.




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