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Color Lip & Nail Duo

By: Andrew Wilson | Aug 25, 2011 04:30 AM

The Color Lip & Nail Duo gift set containing lip gloss and nail polish in capturing strawberry colour will be an asset in any make-up kit. The quantity of the lip gloss is 1 x 8ml, whereas the quantity of nail polish is 1 x 10ml. The make up set is from Color, the manufacturers who have always kept their eyes open for new trends in fashion world.  Each product is manufactured to make style statements, and is sought after by fashion lovers for that matter.

Pros: The lively shades and combinations available in nail polish enable the fashion fans to create magic on their nails. The powerful emphasis endowed on your nails by the vast shades of nail polish will be a hit in gatherings. The strawberry lip gloss will make your lips seem fuller and glowing, making your features lively and prominent. The products, if used together are sure to make many a heads turn!

cons: No

conclusion: The products from Colour will be loved by women who love to be different and striking in any crowd. Needless to say, the nail polish as well as lip gloss will make her look her best.

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