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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (PC)

By: Rex Inego | May 30, 2007 08:06 PM

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is the newest release of the legendary RTS series, and is similar (but I cannot remember if it follows) the story of the old C&C Tiberium Wars, where once again the two major powers fight between them: The terrorists known as Nod, which consider themselves to be liberators and own the dangerous zones, and the protectors known as GDI, a coalition between multiple states which have become a single supernation over time.

An introduction to the story:
The world is suffering from a Tiberium infection, with unknown origins.
Most of the globe has been affected, 30% becoming red zones (inhospitable), 50% yellow zones (dangerous and unfriendly), 20% remaining blue zones.
The Nod control the yellow and red zones, whilst the GDI protect the blue zones. It is notable that allthough Nod are left to control the places where authority no longer exists, they are spread out and do not have numeric superiority.
This is made known to you in both campaigns, you have the ability to choose which campaign to start: GDI or Nod.
I recommend starting with GDI and playing Nod afterwards, as it shows you the story in a more interesting manner.

***Warning: Spoilers ahead***
The first GDI missions will focus mainly on you learning how to control the units, camera, and how to build and expand your base.
It all starts after the Nod disable the shields of the Philadelphia (where a important meeting with discussions about energy is taking place), and subsequently shoot it down with a nuclear missile.
Chaos follows, all the administration of the GDI being killed in the meeting, and the highest rank remaining (that also takes role of president) is a very wealthy, idealist man but with some shady choices to make. Your general's orders will conflict with his.
As you progress through missions, you also have the opportunity to gain bonus medals, for completing additional objectives, which you can present in online gameplay if I remember correctly. Note that some of these objectives are hard to complete even at low difficulty.
Story continuation: As GDI commander, you destroy all the Nod, take back large areas untill you get to Temple Prime, the Nod Headquarters.
Kane (the Nod commander) is holed up inside there, and it is decided that you will use an Ion Cannon to open him up.
The Ion Cannon unfortunately triggers a huge tiberium explosion from a large deposit found under the temple, which in turn calls an alien race to come to Earth.
The GDI fight several ''end of the world'' missions afterwards, which I found most enjoyable especially at start.
The aliens also create Towers. Their purpose is unknown, but as GDI commander your orders are to shut them all down. In the end, you take out the alien control node and end the invasion.

You start prior to the Philadelphia event, you actually being the one who takes down the energy from the shields and captures the missiles used to shoot the station down.
Your missions will take place few time before the GDI ones, but you will find some reference to the GDI commander (namely: ''A single GDI commander has rallied all troups near Washington...'' said by your advisor).
You become the 2nd in command of Kane after his old 2nd faces conflicts and doubts Kane. Most soldiers follow Kane fanatically, as he does not allow disobedience. You end up capturing his old 2nd and Kane kills her.
You learn, from Kane, that he knew that they would use the Ion Cannon and that the deposit would explode.
He tells you that the aliens are only here as a gateway to new worlds for the Nod to conquer, but they do not know it.
In the aftermath, you also team up with the GDI for a while, only ending in betrayal.
After, you help the aliens defend one of the 19 towers, as those are the true gateways to the stars.
Once you are victorious, Kane invites you to ''a new future''.

Once you finish both GDI and Nod campaigns, you can play the Alien campaign. You will note by now that each campaign is shorter if you play them in GDI-Nod-Alien order, this one being over a much larger map and only consisting of very few but difficult missions. You lead the invasion, find out that the humans are resisting too well and the explosion was premature (not causing the deaths of living species), are forced in defensive positions, and ignore your superior's orders of investigating Kane: You finish one tower, use it as a retreat point and find out that the aliens plan a full invasion of Earth.
This is how the game finishes, and thus leaves point for further continuations of the game.
***End of spoilers***

Pros: Each race has unique abilities and units which you will have to use to the fullest, fitting to your strategy; Excellent, pleasurable storyline; Excellent graphics; Easy unit control, well done animations; Awesome cinematics, that add much to the immersivity of the game; Music and sounds are also good.

cons: The only thing I dislike about this game is the lack of mass-production ability you had in C&C Generals. (Previous C&C Release). While before you could virtually have any profit amount, here you have a limit. To some this is a good balance, but I dislike this as it limits my capabilities.

conclusion: One of the best RTS games I have ever played, which I fully recommend to any gamer that wants to spend a week having real fun. Afterwards, you can also continue with online gameplay, which will not dissapoint you!

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