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Command & Conquer: Generals (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Jul 25, 2004 09:11 PM

Westwood have again made a brilliant strategy war game that has progressivly got better with each installment.

This time around the range of options are huge and there is always something to build or upgrade to.

Pros: Graphics and animations in this game are second to none. Great explosion Vast choice of units and 3 different sides to choose from. Various objects scattered around the terrain such as old cars etc. Units can enter buildings for safer ground. Fierce multiplayer!

cons: Slows down in multiplayer (even on LAN) if a person playing has a slow computer (this even effects everyone with a fast computer) Long learning curve, for you to become really good at the game. Games can go on for hours at a time, so you need to have the time to play it.

conclusion: A great game, no without problems but certainly worth buying / playing. It bests previous C&C games, and is definately more fun than rival games, such as warcraft 3.

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