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Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour (PC)

By: Rex Inego | May 28, 2007 07:23 PM

C&C Generals: Zero Hour is one of the games that may reduce your regular sleeping duration by a substantial amount. Of the legendary C&C series, I liked this one the best.
The game's action takes place in the near future, with China and USA fighting against GLA, a terrorist organisation. Each side now has, in addition to the initial C&C Generals, three generals.

Pros: C&C Generals: ZH improves your gaming experience from the previous C&C, offering a completely new level of ingame-depth and strategy! Where you previously had only three sides, you can choose three generals of each side plus the standard side now, each with it's own special units and powers, allowing for enhanced gameplay! The graphics are quite good aswell, they are identical to C&C Generals for the units that existed previously. The new missions are entertaining to play, and skirmishes (for the medals) are also fun. Online gameplay is the best of course, given the superweapon limit is on. One other thing you might want to try is going against easy oponents in skirmish, capturing as many sides as possible and doing 1v1 ''Who's better of the two'' battles. Well obiously a poor infantryman won't destroy a tank, but still.

cons: Several graphics glitches, but they're not too serious. Nothing else I can say bad about the game!

conclusion: One of the best RTS games out there, well worth the money!

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