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Commonly Encountered Washing Machine Problems

By: Rex Inego | Sep 24, 2011 08:12 AM

Before anyone decides to buy a washing machine, he or she should check reviews to know more about different washers, and the pros and cons which real users have noticed. This will save you much trouble in future. Consumer reviews are more dependable than what sales people say! Customer reviews speak of many problems they have experienced, even with brand new washing machine. A review speaks of washer overflow, in spite of the fact that the washer is only two weeks old! This indicates, a brand new washer does not mean it is dependable. Sales persons at the stores never mention unsightly leaks to customers, yet many had had to face the problem. Some washers, especially as they get old cannot be fixed for leak. The repair will not last long. Some washing machines do not clean clothes well. Consumers rate such machines by giving one or two stars out of the total five. If a washer cannot clean properly, the whole purpose of buying a washer is lost. Another common problem consumers report is regarding the washer going stand still in the middle of a cycle, for no particular reason. The problem can be owing to defective computer bug programmed into the particular washer. Repair bills can cost you huge, but the problem will remain. Insufficient drying of washed and dried clothes is reported by many consumers in their reviews. Clothes dripping water takes longer to dry. Consumers’ reviews do more justice than any form of advertisement or sales man’s words, to individuals who plan to invest in washing machines. Set apart some time to go through some consumer reviews before you take the final plunge. You will not regret it.




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