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Concept II Concept 2 Rower (Model D with PM4 Console)

By: Andrew Wilson | Jul 19, 2011 07:19 AM

The Concept II Concept 2 Rower (Model D with PM4 Console) weighing 31kg with box is 144 x 16 x 55 cm in size (with box). The model is akin to Model D the only difference being that the PM3 monitor has been replaced with the PM4 where the monorail graphics have been revised. It also comes with a new framelock and foot stretcher design that makes it more convenient to store or transport them in two parts. 

The aluminium rails that are covered with stainless steel track enable smooth movement of the seat that is placed at a convenient height of 0.36. This also enables total leg movement especially with the adjustable flexfoot footrests that assists a complete body exercise combined with the rowing strokes. It also features user friendly handles that permit the hands to be in a natural position when rowing. 

The fan provided reduces noise when the rower is in motion and the spiral damper ensures even flow of air to the flywheel. This in turn allows the user to select the feel of a lighter and faster boat or the slower boats that are heavier. The equipment comes loaded with castor wheels so that it can be rolled from one room to another and need not be carried. 

The PM4 has other features like a chest belt that measures the heart rate in keeping with the Suunto heart rate technology. It is provided with a rechargeable battery pack that gets automatically charged as your row. The battery can also be re-charged through your PC using a USB port. It is also loaded with an expandable memory that aids upgrading if required. Another facility offered is the on-board wired or wireless computing power that aids machine to machine racing. 

Pros: • New added features make it more convenient to use offering the user a great rowing experience. • Can be separated into two parts for easy storing and portability. • Rechargeable battery pack is also provided

cons: Nothing much to speak of

conclusion: By and large, this rower offers the user an exciting and exhilarating experience

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