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Cons of using Gaming Laptops

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 27, 2011 10:45 AM

Playing games on basic laptops is not a great idea. Hence, game lovers purchase gaming laptops. However, there are disadvantages associated with gaming laptops. The gaming laptops are as expensive as good laptops. Here, you are paying money for limited options. The bulky gaming laptops are not at all portable as they are heavy. Further, you will have to carry a gaming mouse along, to make things more complicated. The battery life of gaming laptops, with their high power hardware, is not at all worthy. You will not be able to play for more than an hour without recharging the system. This defeats the idea of laptops, which are meant to be carried around. Another risk associated with gaming laptops are the fast deteriorating parts of the system. Once a part fails, the whole system will have to be repaired, unlike desktops. Owning gaming laptops will eventually haul out money from you. Gaming laptops comes with already installed upgrades, which makes future upgrades impossible. Frequent uploads are very much necessary in laptop gaming. You will have to buy a new model if you want to upgrade. The life span of gaming laptops are short as they tend to get destructed with heat. Heat makes its use unpleasant as well. Though many individuals like to buy gaming laptops, asking users before buying one will be a great idea. They will be able to inform you about the pros and cons of investing in one, so that you can take a wise decision.




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