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Cornilleau Indoor Hobby First Rollaway

By: Chris Kevin | Jul 08, 2011 05:59 AM

Cornilleau Indoor Hobby First Rollaway is a perfect addition to your indoor sports collections. It is perfect for homes and small clubs. With this First Hobby Indoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table, you can play tennis game with your friends and family during your leisure time. Make your weekends entertaining and packed with activity, with this table tennis table. 

Pros: Available in compact measurement of (L) 1m 83 x 0m 75 x 1m 55, it fits even in smaller rooms. With a wide playing area you can single and double matches. It weighs just 67 kg and you can transport the unit easily. Its rollaway mechanism with double mobile wheels of 150 mm provides better transportation. These features make this table tennis table even more appealing. You change its position to suit your requirements. The Panel Chipboard measures 19mm and frame measures 30 mm. Steel and resin shoe is the leg assembly. The DSI system consists of 16 automatic locking points providing highest level of security. Additionally, it features Central unlocking handle. Assured with 3 Years, you can use, it with complete peace of mind. Finished in high quality Varnish + Aluminium/Zinc + Steal materials, it becomes hard wearing. Since, 100% of components withstand corrosion, you can use the table for years.

cons: None

conclusion: Cornilleau Indoor Hobby First Rollaway comes with Inalterable white lines to cater to your needs. This indoor table tennis table will be an ideal playing partner for everyone at home.

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