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Cornilleau Outdoor Hobby First Rollaway

By: Rex Inego | Apr 15, 2009 11:16 AM

The table designed for leisure use that can withstand any climatic conditions with its high quality anti corrosion treatment, 4 mm high density solid laminate panel for rough wear and tear, and approved by French Table Tennis Association, this Cornilleau Outdoor Hobby First Rollaway weighs just 48 kilograms and offers a total leisure game!

Features like DSI locking system, compact technology folding system with sturdy wheels, playback facility and wheel chair friendly design makes it highly compatible for all hardcore table tennis lovers!

The package includes 2 bats, 3 balls, cover warranty of 5 years on top panel against deformation, obliteration and white lines and 3 years guarantee for all other parts to provide superb price to performance values!

Pros: The joys of table tennis at leisure can now be enjoyed by everyone with this compact, sturdy and light weight rollaway. The frame of 40 mm, leg assembly in steel with resin shoe, DSI system with 16 automatic locking points for highest levels of security, central unlocking handle, 150 mm double mobile wheels, and resin laminate resistance to extremes of weather and bat blows ensures totality and ease of use.

cons: Not known

conclusion: It is the best available design that can be installed in any area for hours of non-stop fun to enjoy the power of table tennis. With the sturdy yet light weight design and complete back-up by the company over any wear and tear, it can be relied on for longer years and is easier to maintain too!

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