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Cornilleau Outdoor Sport 440 Rollaway

By: Rex Inego | Jul 07, 2009 05:12 AM

Featuring innovative design and advanced technology, Cornilleau Outdoor Sport 440 Rollaway is FFTT competition approved. Crammed with features, it comes packed with fixed ABS Net posts and Net, 3 balls and 2 bats as accessories. Designed in measurements of 1830 x 750 x 1550 mm, it possesses a weight of 75kg.

With a 60mm steel frame, it has 90 x 40 mm Y-shaped legs and double mobile wheels of 150mm. It features a laminated 7mm Mat Top playing panel that is treated with anti-glare to make it ideal for gaming in the sun. The panel is available in blue and green shades and you can select any as per your preferences.

With a central handle for unlocking, it comes with DSI system that provides 16 numbers of auto-lock points for enhanced security. Complete with 5 years warranty for the panel and 3 years for all other parts, this table tennis table comes with ball storage and bat covers.

Pros: With superior technology and durable construction, this table comes with folding technology, thereby enabling one to store it safe and handle it with ease. The net featured, can be adjusted in terms of tension and height for additional convenience. The laminated panel and corrosion-resistant frame makes it ideal for rigorous use, thereby allowing one to use it even during tough weather conditions.

cons: Absolutely none.

conclusion: The table designed for the game of table tennis, it is suited for rigorous sports usage with all the advanced treatments of varnish, aluminium or Zinc, anti-glare, steal and resin. Complete with bats, balls, net and net posts, one can enjoy hours of fun-filled and thrilled gaming experience!

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