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Counter Strike: Source (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Jan 08, 2007 12:52 PM

One of the greatest online shooters of all time. With Half-Life 2 graphics and physics, this game looks as good as it plays. An expansion to the popular 'Counter Strike: Condition Zero' Valve really took Online FPS to the next level by adding the source physics engine that added that extra touch of realism to the #1 online fps

Pros: Skill based - takes skill more than 'spraying and praying' to get good at this game, many people play for huge amounts of time practising there skills on public deathmatch servers

cons: Hacking. its a part in all online games and Cs:s is no exceptions, but thankfully most hackers are swiftly banned permantly using valves in-built cheat protection, VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat)

conclusion: My friend first told me about Counter Strike Source and i thought i might buy it and try out. From the first moment i played it i couldnt stop, hardly anything would barge me off it. Although sometimes it can get annoying when expert players just dominate everything and newbie players (like me) can't even move out of the door of your base... But this makes it more addictive. Your probably now thinking ''What Is He Going On About?''... well if your rubbish at it, I find that that you play it more to get better and get a higher rank. This game was named 'The Best Multiplayer Game Of The Year' and I think that it lives up to that name. This is a truly brilliant game. Apart from the gameplay the graphics are superb, even if you shoot the wall, the dent in it has excellent detail. The only bad point i could say about this game is that Valve should put an optional tutorial for new players to take if they don't know the controls ( You Maybe Thinking Can't They Look In The Case Or Go On Options And Look At The Controls) but the tutorial would help to put those controls into action without being 'Owned'. Overall this is a great game and a worth while buy, with great graphics and brilliant fun yet strategic.

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