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Cradle Of Egypt Nintendo DS 2010

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 01, 2011 06:48 AM

Game enthusiasts are searching for different and unique game every time. If uniqueness, fun and thrill are what you seek in a game, then Cradle Of Egypt Nintendo DS 2010 could meet your expectations. Designed for Nintendo DS platform, this video game is sure to enthral one and all.  

Pros: It will take the player to a world of pyramids, temples, myths and ancient civilizations. You can be a part of the lives of ancient Egyptians and experience the wonderful culture. With this game, you can enjoy fantastic puzzle game play. Once you complete a game board, you get necessary resources and things, required to build up the civilization of Egypt. Every player will contribute his share to develop the Egyptian civilization. The entry level is simple, but as you progress the game gets difficult and the player has to face many challenges and obstacles. You will find this game captivating as it features 100 addictive and intuitive levels. Combining puzzle elements with resource management mechanics, you will enjoy a never-before gaming experience. The player is required to build 20 historical sites from five eras. It rewards the player with gold, building materials required for the construction. Besides, the player can also gather food. Additional benefit can be achieved w

cons: None

conclusion: Cradle Of Egypt Nintendo DS 2010 offers excitement till the end. This game is not only satisfying but it is very rewarding. The success of Cradle Of Rome has enabled the company to create the amazing Cradle Of Egypt. You will love the game to its fullest.

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