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Crealy Adventure Park

By: Rex Inego | Apr 27, 2009 05:33 AM

This Crealey Adventure Park is situated at Sidmouth Road near Exeter. This spot is known as the south wests most famous family entertainer. This Park has a few new attractions. It is divided into six divisions namely Adventure, Animal, Action, Magic, Natural and Farmer.

The Adventure Realm has a Tidal wave terror which climbs about 40ft above at high speed and comes down into the water below. The next is the Battle of the Bears which enters through the cave and the Meteorite which begin with a countdown. Apart from that there is the El Loco Coaster which is a runaway train with high speed and the Original Victorian Carousel with some good old tunes. After that you can have a visit at Red Devil Drop Slide, with two big ball pools and a bumpy slide. After that you can take a break at theUniverse Cafe

.Crealy Adventure Park

The Animal Realm is a section where you can buy animals, have a ride on the pony in the Arena, see animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and hutches. There you can also have a look at the giant land snail, rats, Madagascan hissing cockroaches and ferrets. You can also visit the Grooming Par lour where there is a miniature pony and at the animal Showtime you can bottle-feed the cherubic goat kids and the lamb with which you're sure to fall in love.

There are several wild rides at the action realm which is sure to excite the kids. The rides include Techno-Karts, Spin and splash, Dino-Blaster, Bumper boats, Water Wars and many more.

The Magic Realm is for babies and toddlers with many indoor games like ball pools, climbing ramps and slippy slides. There you also have mini adventures like3 indoor Honey Swing and Tidal Wave. Outside, there is a miniature house, shop, school, pub andchurch. 

Crealy Adventure Park

In the Natural Realm you can relax in the bridges of river Raiders. There you can travel on the Prairie train through the meadows and jump at the Dragonfly Lake to feed the ducks and the fish and have a look at the woodpeckers, deer, kingfishers, Canada Geese and carp.

At the Farming Realm you can get friendly with the farm, milk the cow and also play with the oh-so-adorable piglets. During the month of October, there will be an exuberant pumpkin feast and you can also admire the bright-as-sunshine sunflowers that seem to smile at you.

Pros: It has a lot to give to kids, they are sure to love it. Lots of animals to amuse children.

cons: Some rides are disappointing. Queues are long, so it gets a little annoying at times.

conclusion: There are a lot of attractions for children. Once you get into the park you have to pay for each and everything, making you hold on to your thinning purse with an expression of guilt.

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