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Davines Volume System Conditioner

By: Rex Inego | Jun 03, 2009 05:34 AM

Lightweight and high powered, Davines Volume System Conditioner is available in 250ml and 1000ml sizes. Formulated with Bioextender, this Volume Conditioner detangles and softens hair providing maximum volume and shine.

For best results, shampoo your hair with volume shampoo and then apply the Volume Conditioner evenly. Just leave it in hair for mere 60 seconds and rinse thoroughly to see the instant effects.

Pros: Designed for all hair types, this conditioner removes the hair knots completely and makes the hair soft thereby giving unbeatable results in a matter of minutes.

cons: The package is not fashionable.

conclusion: Giving instant results, this amazing conditioner is perfect for drastic improvement in the strength as well as vitality of fine, limp and stressed hair thereby allowing one to experience the true feel of fabulous hair.

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