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Dayton 1DGX5 Dehumidifier

By: Amelia Janet | May 26, 2011 12:46 AM

Dayton 1DGX5 Dehumidifier is specially designed to cater to the dehumidification needs of your homes and offices. Transporting and handling the dehumidifier becomes easy due to its compact size and 4 casters. The addition of a Removable Front Loading Bucket lets you empty the bucket easily. The 21 pt capacity bucket holds more water and you can dispose it conveniently. This device is supplied with a 3/4 In Garden Hose as well and it allows Continuous Drain Operation. The device of Height 25-1/2”, Width 18-3/8” and Depth 15-3/8” is easier to handle. The cabinet is very durable as it is made form Impact and Chemical Resistant Thermoplastic. Washable filter is safe to use and it offers high level filtration. This powerful dehumidifier removes 45 pt of moisture within 24 Hrs. @ 90% RH. It supports Voltage of 115, 60 Hz and 5.2 Amps. The featured humidity range is 35 to 90 RH. Dayton 1DGX5 Residential/Office Dehumidifier extracts the excess moisture and it prevents the growth of Mildew and removes Musty Odours. This ENERGY STAR Rated device manages power well. This highly efficient dehumidifier is one of the best models available in the market. With 2 fan speeds, the device functions to suit the changing dehumidification needs.

General Info
Brand Dayton
Model Dayton 1DGX5 Dehumidifier
Dimensions (H) 25-1/2 x (W) 18-3/8 x (D) 15-3/8 inches
Type Residential/Office
Capacity 45 pt
Fan speed 2
Water tank capacity 21 pt
Drain hose length 3/4 In Garden Hose
Washable filter Yes
Continuous drainage option Yes
Castors Yes
Variable fan speed settings Yes




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