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Dianette Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Mar 07, 2006 01:16 PM

I was put on Diannette when I was 15 years old for my acne.
Over the years, various doctors have been trying to get me to come off it, but as it had made such a big improvement to my skin, I refused.
Until four montha ago, whena lovely doctor told me she d put me on microgynon and if my acne returned I could go back on Dianette.
About a month through my pack of microgynon, my acne returned, with a vengence!
I returned to the doctors after useing microgynon for four month and aked to be put back on Dianette. Doctor said she wasn't prepared to do that, but she could give me a 'lifestyle friendly'pill called Cilest. I have just began this new pill today.

Pros: It completley cleared my acne and I did not get a spot again, all throughout my teens and early adulthood until a doctor eventually persuaded me that the health risks associated with it were dangerous and they didn't reccommend it for long term use.

cons: Not recommended to long term use! My doctor told me that it can cause bone problems in later life if women have taken it for years!

conclusion: Disappointed that I could not be returned on to Dianette! It definitley cleared my ance and improved my skin for at least 8 years. It also worked perfectly as a contraceptive too. But I've had no choice but to trust doctors when they say that Dianette is dangerous for long term users and obviously being fit and healthy is alot more important that a few spots!

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