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Dianette Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Aug 15, 2006 03:09 PM

Age 13 was diagnosed with PCOS. Had all classic symptoms extreme weight gain, insane mood swings, acne and excess hair growth on face and stomach area also thinning of hair on head.Was given Dianette, within a year skin was completely perfect, hair growth on face and body had significantly decreased as well as reduction in greasy hair and skin. However moods were a bit erractic. At age 20 went up to 10 stone not good at five foot three and was advised to try diff pill.All symptoms came back v.quickly so was put back on Dianette. I now weigh eight stone four down to reducing carbs, dont miss carbs as much as perfect skin and hair so figured worth the sacrifice. Have now been on Dianette for ten months afetr the year break sympotoms are slowly but surely clearing up again. P.S tried Microgynon was total nightmare gained more weight, skin was awful was completely depressed and suffered from sickness just want to warn others of this pill is pill from hell!

Pros: Amazing skin, reduction in greasy hair and skin, very light, short periods, reduction in all of awful PCOS symptoms.

cons: You do have to watch your weight but same with any pill!Does slightly effect your moods i noticed have to keep myself in check sometimes but what women doesn't?!

conclusion: People who suffer from PCOS dont suffer!I have been living with it for ten years and this is the only thing that really keeps the symptoms under control, be persistant it takes well over a year to kick in. I dont understand these people whos' doctors wont let them use Dianette, my doctor and i discusssed the issues with Dianette,i am completely aware of the negative and 'dangerous' points however lifes to short to suffer, all pills have some health issues!The only issue i have is the moods however when i tried another pill yeah the mood subsided but i was complelety depressed with a face full of spots and excess hair!At the end of the day you need to have a doctor who you have a good honest relationship with in order to work out positives and negatives of treatments and what will benefit you and your life most. For me Dianette is the way forward!But do ask questions dont be afraid to speak up to your doctors i am fully aware of the negatives of taking Dianette however i am prepared to take the risk, as long as you are 100% in the know about your medication at the end of the day the desicion should be yours.

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