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Dianette Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Oct 01, 2007 09:14 AM

Have been on Dianette since reading about it in an american mag whe I was 19, previously had only ever had occasional spots, not acne like it is intended for.. I am now 26.
It is amazing for skin and I havent ever had any problems at all on it. However when I stopped taking it I was switched to the injection Depo.P and I got the worst skin I had ever had in my life. it was awful! The doc went on about how no one should ever be on Dianette for more than 3 yrs as it is such a dangerous pill etc.
However Im now too afraid to come off it in case the bad skin etc was due to not having it, as opposed to the injection.
Was on Cilest whe I was younger and didnt have any major probs with it.. kind of wish Id never started the Dianette now as I am dependent on it and the doctor wont let me have it any more!! Think it might make skin worse than before I started on it.

Pros: Great skin no effect on weight stopped leg and under arm hair growth completely (some might say thats bad) Have never been pregnant and am awful at remembering to take it. sometimes missed up to 4 pills from one packet

cons: no bad points when on it but when I came off it... Bad skin (though might be due to injection) Far higher sex drive (though it wasnt exactly low when on it) Apparently its really dangerous..?

conclusion: Its a brilliant pill but should only be used for those who really need it.

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